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Radio MODS


We will adjust your radio for peak performance which will include a
stronger RF transmit signal, a stronger receive signal,
and your modulation will be re-adjusted.

Peak-n-Tune is $20.00 per radio plus shipping cost back to you.


Note: Peak-n-Tune is FREE when you get a Full Service & Alignment
This Only Applies to used Radio's in need of repair

Super Receive Mod

This Mod will quiet the receive while giving you up to 6dB of receiver gain.
This Mod will improve radio sensitivity, and also helpes eliminate engine noise
and alternator whine. You should hear better up close, and further away.

Super Receive Mod is $25.00 per radio plus shipping cost back to you.

Note: This mod
Will Not Work in any Ranger RCI Radio that has the Newest
main circuit boards EPT695015 or EPT695011 surface mount versions.
This includes the 2950DX, 2970DX, 2970N2, 2985DX, 2995DX


Galaxy / Ranger  Clarifier Mod

This Clarifier Mod is a must for SSB users. This mod lets the RX and the
TX frequency track the same when you have to turn your Clarifier knobs.

SSB Clarifier Mod is $20.00 per radio plus shipping cost back to you.

Send an email to see if this Mod is available for your specific Radio.


 Other Mods, Just Ask....


Please Note:   

These Radio Mods are against FCC Regulations and
are to be used for experimental purposes only.
The Radio Shop will accept no responsibility for misuse


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