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Cobra Mobile CB Radio Repair

cobra cb radio repair cobra cb radio repair

Cobra 25 29 CB Radio Repair

is $35.00 Min.  per radio
shipping cost back to you.

IMPORTANT - If you have lack of Receive, or have audio problems, Please
contact me 1st if you have a Radio Manufactured between 2006 and 2010. The
YD1022 Audio IC Chip is not available anymore. I would try using another Mic to
see if this corrects your problem. If it does not, You may have to buy a New Radio.

Cobra 148 GTL SSB CB Radio Repair

is $45.00 Min. per radio
plus shipping cost back to you.

Base Station Radio Repair
I do not Repair Any of the Older Cobra Base Station Radio's

   Send Message for any concerns :

   This repair service will cover the cost of most electronic repairs Including:

   - Bad Final or Driver transistor

   - Bad meter or blown meter bulb

   - Bad Dual LED Channel Readout

   - Bad Frequency Counter Segment

   - Audio or Modulation problems

   - Bad Balance Modulator IC-Chip

   - Bad PLL IC-Chip creating No or wrong frequencies

   - Cracked solder joints on the circuit board

   - Dirty knobs & switches affecting operation

   - A Radio Serviced with TX RX Factory Alignment



   These Repair Prices Do Not cover the following:
   1. Bad Mic element replacement or Batteries
   2. A broken Bezel
   3. Missing knob
   4. Echo or Roger Beep Boards if installed
   5. Burnt or Butchered Boards
   6. Non-functional Night-Watch faceplate display
   7. If a Faulty Weather board or BlueTooth Board needs replaced
   8. Bad Digital Displays in the LX, LE models, these parts are not avaliable to the public

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