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New Connex Saturn CX 33 10 Meter Radio Base

new connex saturn cx 33 10 meter base radio

  The Connex Saturn CX 33 is the newest base station radio on the market. It hits all the high points of its predecessors including the new second generation board, enhanced clarifier, 5 digit frequency counter and the new ELECTRIC BLUE LED DISPLAY.



  Blue LED Ch/Meter/Freq Lights
  AM/FM 10watt, SSB 25watt
  Calibrate Control, RF Gain
  Dimmer Control, Mic Gain
  Talkback/Off Control
  Time/Echo, Channel Selector
  Mode Selector
  Fr. Pool
•  Squelch Control
  PA Switch
•  RF Power Control
•  Volume Control
  Coarse Control
  Fine Control
  Phone Jack
•  SWR Calibrate Switch
  NB/ANL/OFF Switch
  RF/SWR Meter
  Roger Beep Switch
  Signal Modulation Meter
  +10KHz Switch
  Ch 19 Switch
  Frequency Counter
  Function: PA-FM-AM-USB-LSB-CW
•  Front Speaker


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Please Note:

This 10 Meter Radio does not operate on standard CB Radio frequencies without modifications. 10 Meter radio's are inttended for use on the proper frequencies by Licensed Amerature Radio Operators only. All sales will assume the purcher will follow all FCC regulations. The Radio Shop will accept no responsibility for misuse.

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