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Magnum 10 Meter Radio Repair

magnum 10 meter radio repair

magnum 10 meter radio repair

Magnum 10 meter Mobile Radio Repair

Repair cost will be between $60 and $160 per radio depending if your Radio
has a problem with your RFX-75 or RFX-150 watt Amp on the rear of the Radio,

plus shipping cost
back to you.


   Send Message for any concerns:

   This repair service will cover the cost of most electronic repairs Including:

   - Bad Final or Driver transistor

   - Bad meter or blown meter bulb

   - NOTE: The Round 50w and 80w RF meters are not available anymore

   - Bad Dual LED Channel Readout

   - Audio or Modulation problems

   - Bad Balance Modulator IC-Chip

   - Bad PLL IC-Chip creating No or wrong frequencies

   - Cracked solder joints on the circuit board

   - Dirty knobs & switches affecting operation

   - A Radio Serviced with TX RX Factory Alignment



   These Repairs Do Not cover the following:
   1. Bad Mic replacement or Batteries
   2. A broken Bezel
   3. Missing knobs
   4. Burnt Boards
   5. Bad CPU board because of faulty channel frequency conversion
   6. Bad Digital Displays/CPU Boards in any radio

   Please Note:

   Ocassionally I will have to Order a Part that
   I do not stock, which will Delay repair time.
   This may include Newer Digital Displays/CPU Boards
   and Base-Radio, Power, Modulation, and SWR meters.
   Some Older Digital Displays/CPU Boards are Not Available any more.

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