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President-Uniden Radio Repair

president 10 meter radio repair 
         president 10 meter radio repair

  Send Message for any concerns:

  I only Repair Mobile Radio's. I do not Repair President-Uniden Base Radio's.


  Please tell me all your Radio symptoms and everything that does not work.

  Please Note the following:
1. Digital Displays are not available anymore, so make sure it works correctly.
   2. Some models have MRF-type Final Transistors and are very expensive these days.
   3. I can not replace a cracked case or faulty or missing knobs.
   4. Burnt Boards are also not Replaceable.
   5. I can repair most mics, but the mic element is not Replaceable.
   6. Expect the Repair and Alignment  to be from
$60 - $150 plus Return Shipping cost.

   Please Note:

   Ocassionally I will have to Order a Part that
   I do not stock, which will Delay repair time.
   This may include old hard to get transistors, and IC's
   and also certain , Power, Modulation, or SWR meters.
   Some Older Digital Displays/CPU Boards are Not Available any more.

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