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   cb radio 10 meter radio repair

   CB Radio Repair 10 Meter Radio Repair    2 Way Radio Programming       Narrowband Upgrades

New Stryker 10 Meter Mobile Radio

 Stryker SR497HPC 10 Meter Radio

Stryker SR497HPC 10 Meter Radio

100 watts+ AM/FM 10 Meter Radio

7-color meter light and channel display

Large round meter that is easy to read

Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference 


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Stryker SR655HPC 10 Meter Radio

Stryker SR655 10 Meter Radio

High Power 70+ watts PEP AM/FM 10 Meter Radio

Ultra-High Fidelity Modulation Circuitry for that “Big Radio” Sound

Brilliant 7 Color LED back-lit face plate, meter & frequency display

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Please Note:

These 10 Meter Radio's do not operate on standard CB Radio frequencies without modifications. 10 Meter radio's are inttended for use on the proper frequencies by Licensed Amerature Radio Operators only. All sales will assume the purcher will follow all FCC regulations. The Radio Shop will accept no responsibility for misuse

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